5 Ways to Help Kids Transition with Daylight Saving Time

The struggle is real for everyone.

The big thing that all of us struggle with is the restless feeling with getting to sleep earlier and waking up earlier.  Kids are no exception to this and you might have noticed.

Onslow County Health Department representative Victoria Reyes and Health Educator Robin Seitz, suggest for staying healthy and on schedule at the DST transition: keep some healthy snacks nearby and avoid that last cup of coffee in the day.

Kids need more sleep so that loss of an hour is a big deal.

Recommendations to make the transition easier for all involved:

1. Expose children to a lot of sunlight throughout the day. According to Brown, melatonin levels are determined by sunlight and daytime sunlight helps ensure the children’s internal clocks are not offset.

2. Start calming the children a little before lights out and dim the lights to transition into a more calm environment.

3. Establish and stick to a routine. “If someone doesn’t have a routine now is a good time to start one,” Brown said. “This can be as simple as following a routine of putting on pajamas, brushing teeth and reading a book before lights out.”

4. Keep children away from screens at night. “Something that’s especially important now is minimizing screen time,” Brown said. “Because of the time change, the blue light from those screens tricks our body into thinking that it’s daylight and sunny.”

5. Be understanding. “They do require more sleep than adults do,” Brown said. “The problem is the parents are missing that hour, too, so they might might be a little grouchy, too.”



Featured Image: Ashlen “the Kidspert” Sheaffer via What The Flicka // Source: Jackson Tamarov via The Daily News Jacksonville
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