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Laptop Batteries Can Be a Potential Fire Hazard.

Many laptops, cell phones and many household items that run off batteries can pose potential fire hazards.  If left charging, anything running off lithium-ion batteries could catch fire if left charging for a long period of time.  Definitely avoid leaving

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Manitoba Vehicle Insurance Going Up in 2019

Manitobans will be paying more for vehicle insurance starting at the beginning of 2019.  A 1.8 percent increase has been approved effective as of March 1, 2019.  however, not everyone will be affected by the increase.  It will all depend

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The Angel Squad Drive Thru Donation Drive Begins Tomorrow Morning.

The Angel Squad’s 23rd annual drive-thru donation drive begins tomorrow morning in support of the Misericordia Health Centre Foundation.  The Angel Squad will be outside Misericordia Monday morning, December 3rd,  between 7:30 am-9 am and Tuesday, December 4th collecting drive

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Holiday Checkstops Have Started. Here’s What You Need to Know.

The Winnipeg Police have officially started their holiday checkstop program this past weekend and will continue everyday in the month of December.  Some things to keep in mind, police will also be checking for driver impairment via Cannabis or cocaine

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BDI Opening a Second Location Indoors.

You will no longer have to wait until the spring/ summer to enjoy that delicious BDI ice cream.  The Bridge Drive In will be opening a second location inside Kildonan Place Shopping Centre sometime in December. Photo Source

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Snow Route Parking Ban Extended By One Hour

The annual snow route parking ban begins tonight.  Normally, the ban begins at 2 am til 6 am, however this year the city has extended the hours by one.  So now the nightly ban will go until 7 am.  The

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McPhillips Underpass Finally Fully Open

Months of slow-moving and traffic have finally ended at the McPhillips underpass between Jarvis Ave and Logan Ave. A handrail still needs to be installed so will be sporadic southbound curb lane closures so workers can work on that, however

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Block Parent Program Needs More Volunteers

The number of Block Parent houses has become non-existent as of late.  The Block Parent program has been in business for over 30 years and offers children a safe place to go to in case they feel in danger.  This

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Tougher Repercussions for Drunk Driving in Manitoba.

Tougher consequences have been announced for drunk driving offenders.  Som of these tougher repercussions include: If you register a ‘Warn” on a breath test a new penalty of $200 for a first offence up to at least $400 for a

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Winnipeg Emergency Wait Times Lowest in Years.

This is good news.  Seems as though ER wait times here in Winnipeg are lower than they’ve been in years. Total wait in 2017-2018 was 36.6 hours (9 out of 10 people), a 25% improvement from the year before. Photo

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2nd Emergency Alert Went “Flawlessly”, Says the Province.

This afternoon, a second emergency alert test was conducted across Manitoba and the rest of the country.   The last time only about 60% of mobile devices received the  alert.  This time the province says the test went “flawlessly”.  However some

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Winnipeg’s Newest Millionaire Has Humble Plans.

Winnipeg pastor, Christopher Haley, is the city’s newest millionaire thanks to Patrick Laine’s 5-goal game.  Haley’s new fortune comes courtesy of the Safeway Sobeys Score & Win contest.  Surprisingly, the pastor says he will still continue to work at the church and

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Just in Case, Here’s Are a Few Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe.

With the first real snowfall comes hazardous driving conditions.  Here are a few reminders to keep in mind for this winter season: Do not use cruise control in slippery conditions. If you do get into a sliding situation, always steer

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Your Home May Have Unsafe Levels of Radon.

This number is scary.  Approximately 100 people die from exposure to radon in Manitoba each year.  Radon has no color or smell and come up through the soil underneath homes into your basement. According to the Lung Association, there are

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Beware Coyotes Still Spotted In Winnipeg

More coyotes have been spotted in Winnipeg this past weekend, specifically around the Rivergrove area.  An officer spotted a coyote following an elderly man and his dog and managed to scare it off.  Then a pack of coyotes were spotted

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