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Edible Fidget Spinner Actually Exists [PIC and VIDEO]

Fidget spinners are the trendy new thing — even chef Eric Ripert can’t keep them out of his kitchen. Now, Dallas bakery Clearly Cookies is jumping in on the popular toy with its very own edible version. The bakery recently debuted its fidget spinner cookie

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Women-Only Screenings of Wonder Woman Spark Controversy

When it comes to Wonder Woman, a Texas-based theater chain is saying “no guys allowed” — and some people aren’t happy about it. Movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse’s decision to host all-female screenings of the upcoming superhero film has been met

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BAYWATCH: Here’s Every Name Dwayne Johnson Calls Zac Efron in Movie

No lifeguard squad has room for two ridiculously chiseled hot dudes — at least not without some tanning oil spilled. So it is in the Baywatch reboot, which finds Dwayne Johnson’s Hasselhoffian reincarnation at odds with Zac Efron’s surly new

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GAME OF THRONES: It’s War on All Fronts in First Full Season 7 Trailer [VIDEO]

HBO released the first full trailer for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 on Wednesday. In the trailer, Cersei tells her brother/lover Jaime that enemies surround them on all sides, but she intends to destroy them all. Meanwhile, we get brief glimpses

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Watch Justin Bieber Forget His Spanish Lyrics While Singing ‘Despacito’ [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber is at the top of the charts right now as the featured guest on a remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito,” the first mostly-Spanish song to reach No. 1 in 20 years. Bieber’s Spanish sounded just fine on the studio version, but words evidently

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Did Melania Trump Reject Donald’s Attempt to Hold Her Hand for a Second Time? [VIDEO]

Did President Donald Trump get friend-zoned by his own wife … again? Just one day after First Lady Melania Trump made headlines around the world with a video that appeared to show her swatting away her husband’s attempt to hold

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Tom Cruise Confirms TOP GUN 2, Says It Will Begin Filming ‘In the Next Year’ [VIDEO]

Tom Cruise told the a morning talk show in London today that the long-rumored Top Gun 2 will be heading to the cameras sometime “in the next year.” That admission comes a little over a year after Jerry Bruckheimer and the actor met on the Louisiana

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The People Of Manchester Are Responding To The Concert Attack With Acts Of Kindness

People in Manchester have been left reeling following an attack at the Ariana Grande concert on Monday night, but they’re now rallying together with small acts of kindness. As soon as Jackie Goodwin heard the news of the attack, which

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Katy Perry Set to Earn $25 Million as AMERICAN IDOL Judge

Katy Perry’s got millions of new reasons to sing all the way to the bank — because she’s taking home a massive paycheck for “American Idol.” The “Firework” singer is set to earn $25 million from ABC as a judge on the

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Ariana Grande Suspends World Tour in Wake of Bombing

Ariana Grande has indefinitely suspended her world tour in the wake of the terrorist bombing in England … TMZ has learned. Sources connected to Ariana tell TMZ, she will not perform Thursday in London and has decided for now to

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$425 Detachable Jeans Convert Into Booty Shorts

Denim jeans are a classic wardrobe staple, which means they are always being reinvented — for better, for worse, and for the downright strange. As of late, we’ve seen some interesting takes on the piece: Jeans covered in mud selling for

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Jennifer Lawrence Makes No Apologies for Leaked Pole-Dancing Video: ‘I Had a BLAST’

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence admits to pole-dancing at her best friend’s birthday party — but nope, she doesn’t regret it. “Look, nobody wants to be reminded that they tried to dance on a stripper pole by the internet. It was one of

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Zac Efron to Play Serial Killer Ted Bundy in Upcoming Thriller

Zac Efron’s long since graduated from High School Musicals; lately, he’s been seen leading off-campus ragers in the two Neighbors movies, and landing a role in the upcoming The Greatest Showman On Earth. But his latest project will see him venture into psychological thriller territory with

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Talented Toddler Snuffs Out His Birthday Candle with Soccer Ball Kick [VIDEO]

It’s common for parents to think that their infants and toddlers have extraordinary abilities, but uh — this one definitely does. As in, we just saw a kid snuff out a candle with a soccer ball. That’s right. Korbin Jackson is

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Taylor Swift Reveals Which Squad Member She Goes to for Advice

Taylor Swift’s girl squad is packed with A-list females who all understand what it’s like to be young, gorgeous, famous and rich.  But when Taylor needs advice, she says there’s one particular squad member she turns to all the time.

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