Coffee That Doesn’t Look Like Coffee

The future is here in coffee form!  Two brothers, David and Adam Nagy, couldn’t find a coffee on the market to suit their needs to they decided to create it.

 The Nagys say their product — called CLR CFF, which is exactly what it is, minus the vowels — is the world’s “first colorless coffee drink,” and, like every coffee drink these days, is made from high-quality arabica coffee beans and pure water. It has no artificial flavors or sweeteners either.



It took the brothers three months to develop their recipe, which reportedly uses “methods which have never been used before,” and are, for the time being, remaining top secret. The pair promises that it doesn’t have weird chemicals though, which the nutrition facts seem to bear out, since a 200-milliliter bottle effectively contains nothing but “water, fresh coffee, caffeine,” and less than a tenth of a gram of fat.

Lest you think this is a hoax, some people have actually tried it.  One report says that the taste is similar to a “potent cold brew,” so it’s at least sufficiently trendy. Right now, CLR CFF is not available in Canada but you can get some online: A five-pack will set you back five bucks a bottle.


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