Couples are Swapping Engagement Rings for Piercings

NEW TREND ALERT!  This time it has nothing to do with avocados.

Introducing engagement piercings: the unusual (and rather painful) way that couples today are marking their commitment to one another.

It’s a type of dermal piercing, which is typically made up of two pieces of jewelry consisting of a flat piece of metal that sits beneath the skin’s surface and a visible stud that can be changed just like any other body piercing.

SOURCE: Stasis Instagram Account

Search #fingerpiercing on Instagram and you’ll see the trend is growing – with over 3,000 posts!

Dermatologists have warned of the health risks surrounding dermal piercings and complications can occur even after the piercing has been conducted if the metal plate isn’t inserted deep enough.  Plus, they can be very tricky to remove.

Featured Image via Google/Savvy Bridal Boutique
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