Hershey’s New Non-Chocolate Chocolate Bar

For the first time since the 1995 debut of the Cookies ‘n Creme bar, Hershey’s is trotting out a new “chocolate bar.” Rookie treat Hershey’s Gold is described by the company as boasting a “caramelized creme” with “salty peanut and pretzel bits” which sounds like a welcome addition to the crowded candy bar aisle. Hershey’s is playing up their confection’s caramelized creme as the big hook, trumpeting Hershey’s Gold as “the first mass-market, golden creme confection in the U.S.”

Hershey’s senior director/general manager Melinda Lewis stressed Hershey’s Gold’s Olympic connection as well.

“The introduction of Hershey’s Gold bars marks a defining moment for The Hershey Company as a chocolate innovator while also commemorating the influential and cultural moment of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games,” said Lewis in a statement on the new product. “We want consumers to share in this golden opportunity and be a part of this historic moment for Hershey and Team USA.”

Here’s a peek at what the new bar looks like so your brain has time to adjust.

So far this is an american release on December 1st, no word on Canadian or other markets yet!

(source: UPROXX)

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