Instagram Adding Mute Feature

Ever scroll through your Insta, and just wanna temporarily hide someone?
Now you can!

Lets be honest, unfollowing someone can cause drama, and maybe you don’t wanna completely lose touch with them – but you’re having enough jealous rage of their posts from “INSERT BIG CONCERT HERE”.

Just mute them!

From Uproxx:

…it’s actually fairly easy to use. It’ll also help you avoid awkward moments — because nobody is informed of a mute. Just click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of a post from somebody you’d like to leave out of your feed. You can mute their posts, or both their posts and their stories. If you’d rather just mute their stories, you’ll have to go to their profile and do it from there. You can still view their posts from their profile, they just won’t turn up when you’re scrolling. 

Instagram on!

(image: Instagram)

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