Is Instagram Following In Snapchat’s Footsteps?

When Instagram rolled out their stories feature, it felt like they were trying to become like the new (and very popular) new kid on the block, Snapchat.  Now, it seems that they’re testing something new to take it one step further.

According to new reports, it seems they screenshotting days of Instagram stories could soon be over.

Instagram is testing a screenshot alert feature for stories with a small number of users, which means that — for those in the test group — users will get notified when someone screenshots their story.

WHAT!!! No need to freak out just yet though.  A rep for Instagram says that the feature is currently only testing with a small number of users, and there are  no current plans to roll the feature out to all Instagram users.

For the record, here’s how it works for those who are in the test group. Basically, users get a warning the first time they screenshot a story, which lets the user know that the next time they take a screenshot of a story, the creator of the story will get notified. Additionally, the first time their story is screenshot by someone else, those users will be able to check their notifications in their viewers lift to see who snapped the screenshot.

Even thought it’s only a test, people on Twitter are freaking out, which proves that almost everyone is a secret stalker, and no one wants their browsing behavior exposed.

IG Screenshots via Glitter Cat/Twitter

IG Screenshots via Blair Equi/Twitter

Featured Image via Huffington Post / Source via Bustle

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