Tyler Carr



Morning/ Show Host
Weekdays 5:30a – 10a






Throughout Tyler’s childhood, he always wanted to be a weather man on TV. However, that fantasy was quickly put to a halt when he realized he had more of a face for radio than he did for TV.

Tyler is one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet. He can have a conversation with anyone or anything and could probably have a full convo with a brick wall if he wanted to. You will never catch Tyler without a pair of headphones around his neck or in his ears. He’s the first to download a new song and to know the lyrics word for word! WARNING… There is a reason he is the person that TALKS about the songs on the radio and not the one that actually SINGS them.

Tyler holds a strong love for social media and in particular Instagram, because did it really happen if you didn’t Instagram it? He also holds a strong love for his fish, Misto and anything Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift related.

When Tyler is not on the air, you can catch him at home eating a bag of chips watching Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race Canada, and the Bachelor (yes guys watch that show). If he’s not watching TV he will certainly be gaming on it with his new Nintendo Switch… and yes he would love to 1v1 you in Smash Bros.



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